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Bliss: perfect happiness ~ great joy

a state of spiritual blessedness ~ to be oblivious of everything else

Itʼs my pleasure to welcome you to Bliss Rising, my online home. Here youʼll find everything Elysium training interviewyou need to know about my services as a bodyworker and a practitioner of sensual erotic arts for men, women and couples.

My name is Taranga and my passion is to bring peace, love, light, positive intention, heart transformation and relaxation to the body, enabling you to become fully alive and in the moment.

I offer all kinds of ecstatic and restorative bodywork, including sensual erotic massage, tantra massage, lingam massage, yoni massage, bondassage and heart-focused healing sessions.

This website is also the place to discover a multitude of resources designed to teach you more about massage, bodywork and sensual touch. Find out more in my Members area.

Touch can be a powerful healing, nurturing and transformative force – and my work is done with 100% respect, honour and love for
the body. So take a journey around the site and find out more about me, my services and my rates Bondassage Trainingand then allow me to guide you into
a state of blissful relaxation with a massage experience like no other.

In love and light,



Taranga now offers hen's night parties. Click to find out more.


 What theyʼre saying:

Thank you so much for an incredible massage, you are phenomenal and so gifted. I didnʼt want it to end. Thank you again … Michael

I visited Taranga this afternoon in her little oasis in Paddington. It was an experience beyond my expectations, like sensual hypnosis! I felt a state of calm and relaxation that has to be experienced to comprehend … Douglas

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